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Giving your kids a loving and fun preschool to learn and grow!

Kids Learning

Engaging & Fun Learning

Everything done at The Cat & the Fiddle Preschool has an educational purpose and is taught in a way that is engaging and fun for your child.

Quality Preschool Educators

Quality Educators

Input from dozens of educators and hundreds of parents have grown, improved, and are continually evolving programs for the benefit of the wonderful children who attend.

Skill Building Kids

Skill Building

The Cat & the Fiddle Preschool’s curriculum teaches 3-4-year-olds the necessary skills to excel in kindergarten and beyond.

Home Preschool New This Year!

If you are hesitant to send your child to preschool due to the COVID-19 pandemic but would still like to have educational materials to help your student grow, let us help you! We are offering packets that will follow our school curriculum and give you the crafts, writing pages, and more to help your student grow academically while remaining home. If you are interested, contact Nicole for more details at 208-757-2489.